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Should you worry about your family medical history?

Wednesday  08:32,   21 february 2018
Prima (UK)

Dr Ellie Cannon sheds lights on inherited conditionsHumans share 99.9% of our DNA, with just the remaining 0.1% making us unique. Our DNA makes up our genes, which are organised into 23 pairs of chromosomes – one set inherited from your mother, the[...]

This is how your fertility changes throughout your life

Wednesday  07:30,   21 february 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

From your 20s to your[...]

9 common UTI symptoms you should never ignore

Tuesday  15:30,   20 february 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

Look out for these red[...]

9 top tips to combat allergies in the spring

Tuesday  08:35,   20 february 2018
Country Living (UK)

Be ahead of the[...]

8 facts about blood pressure you probably didn't know

Monday  08:50,   19 february 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

But definitely[...]

9 things your pharmacist wishes you knew

Saturday  15:05,   17 february 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

Did you know they can save you money, time and embarrassment?Due to research showing that just 6% of mums and dads with children under the age of five would consider seeking help about a minor health concern from a high street pharmacist in the[...]

The First Flu You Ever Had Is Secretly Shaping How You Respond to Infections

Thursday  08:05,   15 february 2018

The strain to which you lost your flu virginity will always hold a special status.A phenomenon known as imprinting might be responsible for an unusual pattern in the ages of people going to the hospital with the flu. Imprinting here refers to how[...]

17 things every woman needs to know about giving blood

Thursday  08:05,   15 february 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

All your questions,[...]

5 myths about emergency contraception you need to stop believing

Tuesday  19:00,   13 february 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

Get clued[...]

Sharon Stone reveals she had to learn to speak again after stroke aged 43

Tuesday  13:39,   13 february 2018

Sharon Stone has opened up about the stroke she suffered at the age of 43, revealing that she had to learn to speak again. The Basic Instinct actress said she had only a five per cent chance of survivalDiscussing her favourite television shows with[...]

The six most effective ways to beat the common cold

Monday  12:16,   12 february 2018

It's February and unless you've got Superman's immune system you've probably already had a battle with a cold this year. Bouts of the flu and the common cold have been running rife since 2018 began and as temperatures[...]

Heart Health Month: How Noise Pollution Can Take a Toll on Your Body

Monday  08:08,   12 february 2018

"Noise is not just causing annoyance, it actually makes us sick."Although researchers have known for decades that chronic loud noises can harm us, it’s only recently become recognized as a widespread issue. But even still, it's an[...]

Could an Antibiotic Treat Autism? Medication to Reduce Brain Cell Inflammation Could Treat Widespread Disorder

Sunday  15:00,   11 february 2018

A clinical trial using an antibiotic to treat autism is ongoing in California.Based on samples taken from 700 human brains, scientists found that some disorders shared some modifications to the genetic codes that control how a person’s DNA is[...]

Why You Should Think Twice About Dying Your Hair While Pregnant

Saturday  19:12,   10 february 2018

For a lot of women, your hair can play a major role in your confidence and sense of style. Touching up (or completely changing up) your 'do has become more and more popular in recent years (rainbow hair, anyone?), with 75 percent of women using[...]

This amazing 'flu algorithm' can tell you if you have the flu or just a cold

Saturday  14:52,   10 february 2018

We are in the grips of one of the worst flu seasons in years. In the US alone, flu-related hospitalisations rose to about 60 people of every 100,000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report . In the US alone,[...]