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LifeStyle: Health & Fitness

You're drinking your first coffee way too early in the morning, FYI

Saturday  17:35,   23 june 2018

If you have your first coffee of the day pre-10am, you're doing it all wrong.But like a wise old friend, I'm here to tell you that if that's your everyday routine, you're doing it all wrong. According to health expert Dr Sarah Brewer, it's not[...]

This is why you should NEVER work out on an empty stomach

Saturday  14:31,   23 june 2018

There are one hundred and one tips on what is the best way to lose weight while working out. One of the most popular tips is to work out before you eat anything, and we thought we were on to something. If you work out before adding more[...]

The Queen and Sarah Ferguson laugh and joke together at Royal Ascot: see the pictures

Saturday  13:30,   23 june 2018

The Duchess of York was invited into the royal box at Ascot on Friday, even sharing a joke with the QueenHer invitation to the royal box appeared to signal that Sarah, who was once caught in a tabloid newspaper controversy accepting money for access [...]

Kym Marsh reveals how she copes with anxiety

Friday  20:20,   22 june 2018

'It's a really frightening, scary thing to experience.'Kym, who plays Michelle Connor in the soap, spoke to The Sun about her experience with anxiety and panic attacks, recalling her first[...]

Holly Willoughby opens up about her dyslexia after sharing concerns her children will inherit it

Friday  16:45,   22 june 2018

Holly Willoughby has spoken about her experiences with dyslexia. The This Morning presenter previously said she was worried her children might inherit it"You're dyslexic and I'm dyslexic as well. You say the way you learn and the way you prepare for [...]

Davina McCall flaunts toned abs in bikini pic

Friday  16:00,   22 june 2018

<p>The TV star revealed her fitness routine on Instagram.</p><p></p>The presenter took to Instagram to proudly show off the results of her regime, which she said consists of strength training and[...]

I Lived With Anxiety So Debilitating It Kept Me From Going Outside—Until I Finally Received a Surprising Diagnosis

Friday  12:16,   22 june 2018

<p>When I finally got myself to a therapist, it took under three minutes for him to identify what I’d suffered from my entire life.</p>My chest ached until it burnt and was perpetually tight; a hot halo of pins and needles would frequently and [...]

Prince George thinks dad William is cool because of this

Friday  12:05,   22 june 2018

Prince William has revealed that he had done one thing that raised his street cred with his eldest son - find out what it is!Speaking at the official handover of the newly built centre, which is aimed to provide rehabilitation facilities for members [...]

The One Fitness Tip You Shouldn’t Ignore: Act Your Training Age

Thursday  13:51,   21 june 2018

The time you’ve put in at the gym should affect how you should train. Here’s what you need to know. © Provided by Shutterstock Yep. Obviously, strength training and running build very different qualities, but there’s also some[...]

Finally, being transgender is no longer classified as a mental health disorder by the WHO

Thursday  13:45,   21 june 2018

After many years of controversy, the World Health Organisation has finally removed ‘gender incongruence’, which is how the WHO refers to transgender and queer identities, out of mental disorders.&nbsp;The public health agency announced the news[...]

Is It Normal Not To Sweat That Much?

Thursday  13:08,   21 june 2018

Sweating is a totally normal, healthy bodily function that helps you cool down — even if you might be embarrassed because you think you sweat too much.&nbsp;Before you start worrying that there's something dreadfully wrong with you, rest assured [...]

Prince Louis' Christening Date Has a Special Meaning to the Royal Family

Thursday  12:06,   21 june 2018

July 9th also marks an important anniversary.The Monday ceremony will initiate the prince into the Church of England, but it also coincides with another important occasion for the royal family. The baby's great-grandparents Queen Elizabeth II and[...]

Sir Lenny Henry reveals dramatic weight loss on night out in London: see the pictures

Thursday  11:50,   21 june 2018

Sir Lenny Henry has undergone something of a transformation in recent months - he looked incredibly trim as he headed out for a night at the theatreThe comedian headed out to the theatre see a special performance of The Jungle in support of World[...]

Lorraine Kelly reveals the one thing that helped menopause-induced anxiety

Thursday  08:15,   21 june 2018

And it had a bonus side effectWhile launching her new 'Work it Out' body confidence series, Lorraine revealed that exercising has transformed her life – and the effects have been both physical and[...]

Ask A PT: How Do I Get Back In Shape For 5-A-Side?

Thursday  07:20,   21 june 2018

Esquire's fitness columnist and Third Space supremo Luke Worthington advises one man with World Cup fever on how to get back on the pitch - without doing himself any damageThe World Cup is getting me all misty-eyed about my playing career[...]