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The royal wedding has made this attraction the most popular in the UK

Tuesday  11:30,   14 august 2018

It's number one for summerWindsor Castle’s bookings have increased by 92 per cent following the royal nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan[...]
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Campaigners call for ban on ads that promote elephant rides on foreign holidays claiming the animals are snatched from their mothers and forced to undergo brutal training

Friday  08:00,   10 august 2018

Members of the group Save The Asian Elephant have handed a petition of more than 200,000 signatures to Downing Street urging Prime Minister Theresa May to support the new law. © Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited A campaign group[...]

Delta tests out a new 'restaurant-style' food service with passengers treated to three-course meals and cocktails in ECONOMY

Wednesday  15:15,   08 august 2018

The carrier is testing out the new service on flights between Portland and Tokyo. If the trial proves popular, Delta could roll out the concept to all of its international flights by the end of the year. According to the Chicago Business Journal,[...]

The generation redefining success: Nearly 40% of Millennials would take a pay cut to have the freedom to travel the world

Wednesday  14:31,   08 august 2018

Many Millennials are foregoing the traditional career path to travel the world. About 23 percent say they've taken a career break to re-evaluate their passions and goals, according to LinkedIn.The 29-year-old had practiced energy healing with a[...]

Make Skye a national park to help it cope with tourists, minister told

Tuesday  14:26,   07 august 2018

Make Skye a national park to help it cope with tourists, minister toldCatherine Stihler MEP made the suggestion in a letter to Tourism Secretary Fiona Hyslop after spending part of her summer holiday on the[...]

Why Travelling Can Be So Distressing For Families With Different Surnames

Tuesday  08:45,   07 august 2018

There are many reasons why you might have a different surname to the rest of your family – maybe you decided not to take your partner’s name, or you didn’t want to get married; you might be a same-sex parent or you could be[...]

The top 20 family-friendly airports in the UK, with the best facilities for children and parents

Friday  18:46,   03 august 2018

The top 20 family-friendly airports in the UK, with the best facilities for children and parentsNew research has seen UK airports ranked according to the facilities they provide for families, and Birmingham has won the coveted top[...]

Meghan And Harry Will Vacation With The Queen And We Want In

Friday  13:05,   03 august 2018

Nothing says 'couple's getaway' like a trip to grandma's house.Her Majesty is already on-site at the castle and won't return to London until early October, according to People. While the Queen is catching her R&R, other members of[...]

This is how long you need to go on holiday for to feel completely relaxed

Thursday  14:57,   02 august 2018

And a long weekend might not cut itDo you go for a long weekend, a whole week, or perhaps even longer? [...]

These are the holiday destinations Brits love most, says Pinterest

Thursday  13:50,   02 august 2018

And the results may surprise you .Releasing the most-favoured holiday locations by UK city, the image-collecting app has revealed the destinations where Brits are planning their next holiday.It found that Liverpudlians are organising trips to[...]

World's most romantic places revealed: Paris, Santorini and Venice are named the global hot spots for love, with the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye ranked top in UK

Wednesday  07:50,   01 august 2018

A study found that the French capital along with the tiny Greek island and the watery Italian city are the best places for couples to fall in love. Grasmere and Bath also make the UK ranking.A poll found that the French capital along with the tiny[...]

Caravans are the first choice for UK staycation accommodation this summer

Monday  11:05,   30 july 2018

Here are the 2018 staycation essentialsThe mobile home is the number one accommodation choice with 4,649 caravans currently listed on the eBay site, while more than 480,000 caravan-related items have been sold in the past three months on the online[...]

Java Has Been Voted The ‘Best Island In The World’ And September Flights Aren’t Too Expensive People

Thursday  13:06,   26 july 2018

Got some holiday days saved upBased on activities, natural attractions, beaches, food and friendliness this winning island got a stellar score of 95.28 out of 100, and we can kind of see[...]

How well do YOU know your local area? One in four Brits can't remember the last time they explored where they live (and more have visited the Eiffel Tower than Windsor Castle)

Thursday  07:56,   26 july 2018

A new study also found that the curious people of Sheffield can pride themselves on being the UK's number one adventurers, spending 11 days a year exploring the local scenery. In contrast, Londoners dedicate just six days to touring local[...]

This is the New Hottest Beach Destination in Europe

Wednesday  07:45,   25 july 2018

From the craggy English seashore to the sun-kissed beaches of Croatia, Europe has some pretty stellar coastline. According to the World Travel Awards—sort of like the Oscars for the travel industry—it’s not Nice or Ibiza or Santorini, but[...]