Cars Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 (2016): long-term review

12:16  09 january  2017
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Introduction: say hello to our Audi A 4 1 . 4 TFSI 150 . Yes, that is an Audi fitted with the engine from a Seat Ibiza. Pingback: Kia Optima SW 1.7 CRDi GT-Line S estate ( 2016 ): long - term review ().

Audi ’s standardised Xenon headlights on all new A 4 , previously only fitted to S line models and above. Why? Because it now offers both full LED and the trick matrix LED headlights first seen on the A8 as an option. The body is up to 120kg lighter, with the base model (a to-be-announced 1 . 4 TFSI ) weighing just 1,320kg (albeit empty and without a driver). Pingback: Audi A 4 1 . 4 TFSI 150 ( 2016 ): long - term review | Motoring Research().

It’s over a year since dieselgate, the Volkswagen Group emissions scandal that looks to have already cost it tens of billions of pounds. And all to save a bit of dosh on TDI diesels for the North America.

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Home CAR reviews Audi Audi A 4 ( 2016 ) prototype review . Audi A 4 prices, model line-up. In Germany, the 3.0 TDI retails at €50, 150 (UK prices have not yet been confirmed). At the other end of the scale sits the boggo, manual transmission 150 bhp 1 . 4 TFSI which can be had for €30,650. The 2016 A 4 is a typical modern Audi : long on ability, short of emotion.

The lawyers are going to argue about the repercussions for years, but the immediate implication is the castigation of diesel. Clean Diesel? Contradiction in terms, mate. Once again, you have to apologise for filling up from the black pump.

From nudging over more than half of the new car market, diesel’s share is dropping back as petrol is suddenly back on the choice list. And I’ve already jumped ship.

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I had my pick of the new Audi A4 range this time round. How could I resist that V6 3.0 TDI? Or maybe the omnipresent and ever-strong 2.0 TDI? Nope, I’ve gone TFSI turbo petrol. And not only have I switched fuel, I’ve downsized in the process.

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Audi disagrees, which is why it has launched a second generation A 4 Allroad, complete with a new variation of its famous quattro all-wheel drive system. This new system – dubbed quattro Ultra – makes its debut on the A 4 Allroad 2.0 TFSI and, in very simple terms , works by deactivating all-wheel drive when not required. Audi A 4 1 . 4 TFSI 150 ( 2016 ): long - term r

Welcome to six months in an Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150.

Report 1: downsizing in action

Audi A4 long-term test © Richard Aucock | Motoring Research Audi A4 long-term test

So, downsizing. Does it work? Not if you believe real-world economy tests, it doesn’t. Ford Focus Ecoboosts are meant to do 60-plus MPG. In my experience, I got 37mpg. And I’m far from a lead-foot. The Fiat 500 TwinAir is meant to be brilliant; it’s anything but. Go into any real-world MPG forum and you’ll find owners up in arms.

With all this in mind, how am I getting on with the A4? Really rather fine, actually. My fear was a Focus-style sub-40mpg disaster. The reality is easy-50s, with a high of nearly 63mpg during one relaxed run. On the motorway, it seems impossible in normal driving to get it under 50mpg; even press-on stuff delivers high-40s.

This is good news. Most of my mileage is long distance motorway stuff. Fleet drivers (or managers) wondering whether to make the jump can rest easy. With one proviso: in-town stuff. Here is where it seems to struggle. No matter what I do, 35mpg is the norm here. It seems this turbo petrol engine loves steady-state use, but when you start to run it up and down the gears in stop-start use, it suffers. Worth bearing in mind, users.

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The 163hp 2.0-litre diesel SE holds on to 40% of its list price after three years; the test Audi pairs with the Mercedes-Benz C 200d SE on 39%, with the BMW 320d ED Plus (also surprisingly) trailing on 37%. 2015 Audi A 4 2.0 TDI 150 Ultra SE: Verdict. Does the new Audi A 4 now lead the compact premium saloon sector? Related Posts. Audi A 4 1 . 4 TFSI 150 ( 2016 ): long - term r

First Drive. 2016 Audi S4 review . New Audi S4 keeps things reserved in the looks department, but packs a 349bhp turbocharged V6 petrol punch. We've driven an early car abroad. The 1 . 4 TFSI is the entry-level model of the ground-up new Audi A 4 range. It’s based on Audi ’s new MLB-Evo platform and is claimed to weigh as much as 120kg less than the outgoing model. The drag coefficient of 0.23 is said to be lowest in class. The car has grown in size, being 25mm longer (12mm of the stretch is in the wheelbase) and 16mm wider.

Audi A4 long-term test © Richard Aucock | Motoring Research Audi A4 long-term test

What about the rest of it – does it feel like an undersized, underpowered engine? Again, no. Thanks, primarily, to its punchy turbo power delivery. It’s reliant on the turbo, of course – if you let the revs drop below 1500rpm, it feels like a supermini engine in an executive-sized car. But once on boost, it approaches cooking diesel-like shove, and the more lag-free nature compared to a diesel is also nice. It’s a small, inertia-free engine, so it gets up to speed quickly.

On the motorway, again in normal use, it feels little different to any other turbodiesel. Apart, that is, from the extra running refinement. It’s a very smooth engine, without the vibrations of a diesel, so feels classy so long as you don’t extend it.

When you do run it through the revs, it sounds less convincing. It’s more strained, clearly more under pressure, and feels like a more highly-strung engine in a big car. I tend not to take it to the red line because it’s rather noisy, and the car itself feels strained and geared-up: it’s preferable to change up and ride the torque.

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Audi A 4 1 . 4 TFSI Review . By Ameya Naik Aug 22, 2016 . While the folks at Audi refused to give out a figure, we expect it to be pricier than its predecessor. That said, it will not cross the ₹ 40 lakh mark. There's no doubt Audi has upped its game and with the company looking to go big in terms of dealership network and experience, it will yet again cash in on being the first out there with an up-to-date car.

2016 Audi A 4 : running costs. With company car drivers being the staple of Audi A 4 buyers, Audi has concentrated on making the A 4 more efficient – boasting a 21% reduction in fuel consumption compared to its predecessor. Because of the efforts Audi has gone to into reducing the weight of the A 4 and making it more aerodynamic, it’s now class-leading when it comes to efficiency. Audi A 4 1 . 4 TFSI 150 ( 2016 ): long - term r

Audi A4 long-term test © Richard Aucock | Motoring Research Audi A4 long-term test

One more thing: it feels quick and powerful in everyday use. The reality is, when you press on, there’s not that much more in reserve. It’s a car that feels like a more powerful machine, until you call upon the power you think is there in the background, and discover it’s absent. The depth of performance isn’t as broad as, say, a 2.0-litre TFSI. Or, indeed, a 2.0-litre TDI.

I don’t mind so much though. Most of the time, it’s great. A downsizing surprise. It’s exceeded my expectations and is delivering the mileage that justifies my decision. In this instance, downsizing really is working.

Introduction: say hello to our Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150

Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 long-term review © Motoring Research Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 long-term review

Yes, that is an Audi fitted with the engine from a Seat Ibiza. Yes, I have been questioning my wisdom, given the amount of motorway miles I drive. But there’s only one way to find out if such radical downsizing works, and that’s to give it a go for six months.

So here we are. First impressions? The new A4 is as sleek as I remembered from the UK launch event. No, it’s not a stylistic revolution, but the interior is certainly a quantum leap over the old one, and probably the finest automotive interior this side of £50k. Maybe £75k. It’s divine.

Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class (15 on) GLC 250d AMG Line Premium Plus 5d Auto

  Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class (15 on) GLC 250d AMG Line Premium Plus 5d Auto More normally seen in larger saloons and limousines, Mercedes-Benz is now offering its cushy air suspension set up in the GLC. It’s actually quite a rare thing for an SUV like this to offer, with the Porsche Macan the only other car so equipped. The GLC is already proving itself more than capable in holding its own against rivals like the BMW X3 and Audi Q5. Can this new Air Body Control suspension give it the edge it needs? Air what control? Tick that £1,495 option box and you’ll swap out the standard steel suspension for a luxury air system more normally reserved for the S Class. In its most comfortable setting it cruises nicely over bumps and as a solo driver it’s a great addition to a long motorway cruise, although it does result it a bit more bodyroll than the standard set up when on smaller roads. Some of the Parkers team found the floaty suspension a bit nauseating, and this sensation proved worse for passengers, which meant spending most of our time with the suspension firmed up in its Sport setting, at which point it feels just as stiff as the steel springs. It’s not a completely convincing upgrade. If comfort is a concern then the lower spec (SE and Sport) trims come with a more comfort-biased set up than the AMG Line’s sporty tuning. We ran a GLC with the latter suspension as a long termer and found it perfectly acceptable.

Car Reviews . Car Comparisons. Long - Term Reports. Audi A 4 2.0 TFSI quattro v BMW 330i v Mercedes-Benz C250 Comparison. By Curt Dupriez 16th May 2016 98 Comments.

The Audi A 4 will initially be sold only with the 30 TFSI 1 . 4 -litre turbo petrol engine. For most people, it might come as a disappointment that Audi has ditched the 1.8-litre turbo petrol for the more frugal option. However, on the first impression, you really don’t miss the bigger engine. Advertorial: Discovering a beautiful mind with the Datsun redi-Go. OD Rewind: Most popular bike videos in 2016 . Fiat Avventura Abarth long term review : After 18,808km and five months.

Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 long-term review © Motoring Research Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 long-term review

My chosen spec is Sport, which brings subtle and very Audi-like enhancements, such as more chrome at the front end and a neat set of 17″s. I like subtle colours and blue cars, so I went for subtle blue and, sparkling-fresh with just over 100 miles on the odo, it looks pure class.

Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 long-term review © Motoring Research Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 long-term review

And it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s packing a tiny over-boosted engine during the relaxed use I’m currently giving it. You’d swear it’s a 1.8T, not a 1.4T, and the turbo install has been tuned such that the desperate dependence on the turbo you sometimes sense in, say, a 1.0T Ford Focus is barely a factor here. It feels natural. It feels like it could work, you know.

I’m now going to find out, after following the handbook to the letter and running it in gently: no more than 4k revs, no labouring at low revs, no use of more than three-quarters throttle. The next owner will thank me, I’m sure.

Getting over 1,000 miles won’t take long, mind. Come back in a few weeks for an update.

Oh, and you didn’t think I’ll leave a long-term update without mentioning economy, did you? Of course not. And first signs are looking good…

Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 long-term review © Motoring Research Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 long-term review

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