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Reliant Rialto review: meeting a hero (yes, really)

Monday  19:18,   19 march 2018
Motoring Research

Our man enjoyed a special date with a Reliant three-wheelerI’m not sure what triggered it: too long on the Reliant Owners Club stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show, perhaps, or an enjoyable read of Giles Chapman’s book on the Reliant[...]

BMW M2 vs used M135i: is our modified hot hatch as fun to drive?

Monday  19:17,   19 march 2018

The BMW M135i is a good yet flawed car. But what if you could fix its shortcomings? Six years ago, the M135i really was a game changer. Despite costing less than £30,000, it brought a premium badge, rear-wheel-drive dynamics and more than[...]

Porsche Boxster GTS 2018 UK review

Monday  19:16,   19 march 2018

The 718-generation Boxster is our favourite roadster of the moment – so is this new GTS variant worth the extra outlay?Short of reuniting the car with half a dozen high-revving cylinders, you’d have a difficult job improving the 718-generation[...]

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake on the way

Monday  17:50,   19 march 2018
Car Buyer

Rakish estate version of VW’s flagship quietly confirmed for productionThe news was announced quietly at the manufacturer's most recent annual press conference, where it was confirmed that while the car’s interior and exterior styling have been[...]

Mazda: 2019 Skyactiv-X engine can boost economy by 30%

Monday  13:34,   12 march 2018

Autocar samples lean burn compression ignition engine that promises greatly improved efficiencyThat figure is said to be possible during low-speed driving, but the company claims that 20% is also possible in average real world driving scenarios. The [...]

Polestar 1 production could double due to demand

Monday  13:33,   12 march 2018
Auto Express

Polestar’s debut model, the hand-built plug-in Polestar 1, could have an extended run due to demand, the company’s COO has revealed. Polestar was appearing at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show as a standalone brand for the first time this year,[...]

This living tyre could be the answer to all our pollution problems

Monday  13:32,   12 march 2018
Motoring Research

The Goodyear Oxygene features moss which carries out photosynthesis to emit oxygen into the atmosphere Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Goodyear Oxygene features a smart tread design that absorbs water from the road surface as well as [...]

Volvo CEO is the first World Car Person of the Year

Monday  13:30,   12 march 2018
Motoring Research

Hakan Samuelsson wins the inaugural World Car Awards prize The post Volvo CEO is the first World Car Person of the Year appeared first on Motoring Research. Related video: Volvo Cars CEO Says Tariffs Would Be a Problem for All of Us (Bloomberg) [...]

Toyota's getting rid of diesel engines by the end of the year

Monday  13:27,   12 march 2018

The Japanese car maker is phasing out diesel from its passenger range. Toyota has announced it's getting rid of diesel engines from its passenger cars by the end of the year, instead choosing to focus on petrol-electric hybrid models as the demand[...]

Official: demonising diesel is making the environment WORSE

Monday  13:26,   12 march 2018
Motoring Research

New car CO2 emissions suffered their first annual rise in a decade last yearThe increase was a modest 0.3g/km, meaning the average new car emitted 118.1g/km CO2 last year, compared to 117.8g/km in 2016. But it’s still a move in the wrong way,[...]

Here are the best high-tech cars from the Geneva Motor Show

Monday  13:25,   12 march 2018

The Geneva Motor Show has thrown up some impressive pieces of technology that look certain to shape the future of the motoring industry – autonomous cars and even vehicles that can fly have appeared at this year’s show. We’ve paced the halls and[...]

6 Supercars that failed to deliver on their promises

Monday  13:24,   12 march 2018

<p>Supercars that failed to deliver the features, figures – or perhaps even, any cars – that were promised to enthusiasts and customers alike.</p>That, of course, is easier said than done, and even big manufacturers occasionally miss their[...]

Opinion: I don’t get the trend for jacked-up city cars

Monday  13:23,   12 march 2018
Motoring Research

As Ford reveals its Ka+ Active at the Geneva Motor Show, our man isn't convinced there's a market for it&nbsp;And, with SUVs being such a success story, it’s no surprise to see smaller niches developing within the segment (see BMW’s new[...]

The 10 coolest cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2018

Monday  13:20,   12 march 2018
Motoring Research

We pick the best cars at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show, including the Ferrari 488 Pista and Range Rover SV CoupeIn an era of pre-launch teasers and pre-show reveals, the Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept is a genuine surprise. It[...]

Say hello to the 1,800bhp Corbellati Missile

Monday  13:18,   12 march 2018
Auto Express

If you thought Pagani built the rarest and most exclusive Italian supercars, think again.&nbsp;The Italian manufacturer used the 2018 Geneva Motor Show to unveil this new model, which packs some seriously huge numbers to become what its[...]