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News: Cars

New study says even 'clean' diesels are failures

Monday  12:28,   11 june 2018

A new independent testing initiative has found almost all diesels on the road are going over EU limits. Diesels are ‘systematically’ releasing high amounts of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere during real-world driving despite cars meeting the[...]

Award-winning Alpine A110 prices now from £46,905

Monday  12:27,   11 june 2018

Entry-level A110 Pure takes list price down to well under £50k With deliveries of the first Alpines set to begin this summer, the firm is launching two new variants, the A110 Pure and A110 Legende. And it’s the purist, focused A110 Pure[...]

Ferrari 488 Pista 2018 review

Monday  12:26,   11 june 2018

Ferrari's special series of track-honed road cars rarely disappoints - and the 710bhp 488 Pista doesn't. But is it better than a McLaren 720S or Porsche 911 GT3?There are two sports cars they just don’t get wrong. Most manufacturers, even[...]

Driven: 2018 Aston Martin DB11 AMR

Monday  12:26,   11 june 2018

Aston Martin, responding to an increase in rival offerings, has created the DB11 AMRAston Martin has been keen to impress the fact that the DB11 AMR remains a true cross-country cruiser at heart, with new upgrades simply giving it better handling in [...]

Aston Martin Vantage vs Porsche 911 vs McLaren 570s: triple test

Monday  12:25,   11 june 2018

So is the new Aston Martin Vantage better than a Porsche 911 – or a McLaren 540C? Aston boss Andy Palmer wants to know, and we’re sure you do tooAfter spending a couple of days driving three new cars brought together under that banner, I have my[...]

Seven cars that need to make a comeback

Monday  12:23,   11 june 2018

As markets, technology and consumer tastes change, so do car manufacturers’ model ranges. Unfortunately, this can lead to the demise of some much-loved nameplates – culled at the hands of the company accountants. We miss some of these cars like we[...]

Opinion: the three things you need to present Top Gear

Monday  12:22,   11 june 2018

As speculation about who will replace Matt LeBlanc ramps up, our Alan muses on what’s required to do itPresenting Top Gear must be like joining the Royal Family, only without the initial day of well-wishing and riding in cool cars and carriages.[...]

A closer look at BTCC's Ford F-250 safety truck

Monday  12:21,   11 june 2018

If a BTCC driver sees this Ford F-250 approaching, it probably means he’s had a big one. We get the low-downBut should it ever be called into action, the cost of the British Touring Car Championship’s new safety team truck will absolutely be worth[...]

How Equipmake is revolutionising electric car propulsion

Monday  12:21,   11 june 2018

Equipmake is not yet the biggest player in Hethel but, with claims of being two years ahead of electric motor rivals, one day that might changeThrough a combination of rare engineering insight, enthusiasm for electric machines even when they weren’t [...]

Spotters Guide: 1993 Vauxhall Corsa GSi

Monday  12:17,   11 june 2018

Remember Max Power? Then you'll definitely remember the Corsa GSi The post Spotters Guide: 1993 Vauxhall Corsa GSi appeared first on Motoring Research. [...]

The European road signs that baffle British drivers - can YOU work out what they mean?

Monday  12:17,   11 june 2018

In a survey of 2,000 drivers from the UK, 89 per cent admitted they had little or no understanding of road signs and highway rules in place in other European countries. Italian road signs were found to be the most confusing, followed by those used[...]

Era-defining supercars wow London crowds

Monday  12:15,   11 june 2018

Take a tour of London Concours 2018 – an exclusive city-based show for many of the world’s most exotic supercars and classics The post Era-defining supercars wow London crowds appeared first on Motoring Research. [...]

Charging an electric car: everything you need to know

Monday  12:15,   11 june 2018

From 'how quick is electric car charging?' to 'how do I charge an electric car?', we answer your questionsThe actual process of driving an electric car is very simple. Many are very similar to petrol or diesels in the way that they[...]

New 2018 Dacia Duster prices confirmed: from £9,995

Sunday  14:35,   10 june 2018

Second generation model retains title of UK’s cheapest SUV The post New 2018 Dacia Duster prices confirmed: from £9,995 appeared first on Motoring Research.First revealed at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the new model is finally arriving in the UK; [...]

Apple CarPlay to finally offer Waze, Google Maps

Sunday  14:26,   10 june 2018

At last, CarPlay navigation will allow people to use the market leaders The post Apple CarPlay to finally offer Waze, Google Maps appeared first on Motoring Research.The move will fix a longstanding frustration with CarPlay: Apple Maps is less[...]