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Huge Underwater Castle With Ancient ‘Fairy Chimneys’ Discovered at the Bottom of Turkey’s Lake Van

Saturday  08:10,   18 november 2017

The castle likely dates from the reign of the ancient Urartu Kingdom.Tahsin Ceylan, an underwater photographer and videographer, Mustafa Akkuş, an academic from Van Yüzüncü Yıl University’s fishery faculty, Murat Kulakaç, a diving instructor and[...]

Mom Finds 7-Foot-Long Boa Constrictor in Her Washing Machine

Friday  17:36,   17 november 2017
Inside Edition

A neighbor's friend, who determined the snake was harmless to humans, came and pulled the reptile out himself.Shirley Oliveira, a 46-year-old mother of two from Salvador, Brazil, said she came running when her 18-year-old daughter Amanda asked[...]

I went to Brazil for a bath, says McLaren reserve Norris

Friday  13:40,   17 november 2017

A cancelled Formula One tyre test meant McLaren reserve Lando Norris effectively flew all the way from Britain to Brazil this week just to take a bath. The 18-year-old, racing in this weekend's Macau F3 race, told reporters he was soaking in the[...]

Rail apology after train leaves 20 seconds early

Thursday  18:36,   16 november 2017
Sky News

A Japanese rail firm has apologised after an intercity service left a station 20 seconds earlier than scheduled. The Tsukuba Express train was due to leave Minami Nagareyama Station, just north of Tokyo, for Tsukuba at 9.44.40am local time on[...]

Stubborn Swan Ruffles Feathers While Causing Traffic Jam

Thursday  14:52,   16 november 2017
Inside Edition

The swan held up traffic down a one lane road in England for about 15 minutes.A video shows the bird walking directly in the middle of a street that passes by De Montfort[...]

Rare 2000-Year-Old Sundial Sheds New Light on Ancient Roman Politics

Thursday  11:37,   16 november 2017
Mental Floss

Instead of tweeting, ancient Romans bragged in more permanent ways.Paid for with the politician’s own money, the timekeeping device served as a public monument in his hometown, the small Italian municipality of Interamna Lirenas. But as millennia[...]

In post-Asia trip speech, Trump makes news ... with water

Thursday  11:36,   16 november 2017

Trump's drink of water lit up social media, evoking comparisons with a televised address given by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio in 2013 during which he grabbed awkwardly for a water bottle. Trump mocked Rubio during a campaign event last year for his [...]

Da Vinci painting of Christ sells for record $450mn

Thursday  11:36,   16 november 2017

A 500-year-old painting believed to be by Leonardo da Vinci sold for $450.3 million in New York on Wednesday, blazing a new world record for the most expensive work of art sold at auction, Christie's said."Salvator Mundi" or "Savior of the[...]

Three elephants in Connecticut just got a lawyer

Thursday  11:36,   16 november 2017
The Washington Post

The Nonhuman Rights Project, which has argued that chimpanzees are “legal persons,” is now making the same case in a lawsuit over three elephants.And on Monday, they got a lawyer, though they did not ask for one. The prominent animal rights attorney [...]

India gives 'king of sweets' a geographical tag to end bitter rivalry

Wednesday  14:40,   15 november 2017

India has awarded a "geographical indications" tag to rosogolla, the king of Indian sweets, after a years-long battle between two neighboring states over the ownership rights. Luscious rosogolla, or sweet cheese balls dripping with sugar[...]

Cyclist who gave Trump the finger is showered with money

Wednesday  07:21,   15 november 2017

More than $70,000 in donations have poured into a crowdfunding site set up for the cyclist who was fired from her job for making a rude gesture to President Donald Trump's motorcade.More than 3,000 donations -- from $5 to $250 -- have rolled in[...]

Secrets of 1,000-Year-Old Shadow Zone Revealed

Tuesday  17:38,   14 november 2017

Scientists have finally figured out why a patch of water in the Pacific Ocean has remained stagnant for the past 1,000 years.Water moves a lot, and pretty fast actually, with some currents moving around 5.6 miles per hour, but the "shadow zone" in[...]

Van Gogh's Insane Asylum View Sells for $81.3 Million at Auction

Tuesday  12:20,   14 november 2017

A canvas by Vincent van Gogh fetched $81.3 million in an auction at Christie’s Monday. Van Gogh’s 1889 landscape, “Laboureur dans un champ”The 1889 painting, “Laboureur dans un champ,” was sold by the estate of billionaire couple Nancy Lee Bass and[...]

Parents of Twins Shocked to Find Out They're Having Triplets

Tuesday  07:50,   14 november 2017
Inside Edition

They also have a 6-year-old son.Nia Tolbert and her husband, Robert, already have three sons, a 6-year-old and 2-year-old twins, so they were flabbergasted when they found out Tolbert was having multiples[...]

World's earliest evidence of wine-making found in Georgia

Tuesday  07:50,   14 november 2017

The world's earliest evidence of grape wine-making has been detected in 8,000-year-old pottery jars unearthed in Georgia, making the tradition almost 1,000 years older than previously thought, researchers said Monday. Before, the oldest chemical [...]