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Bride Gets Trapped in Elevator on Her Wedding Day

Thursday  08:25,   22 february 2018
Inside Edition

She said she had some champagne while awaiting rescue.Melissa Rodger, 32, who married her then-fiancé, Justin, at the Providence Biltmore Saturday, was headed to the 18th floor to freshen up before her cocktail hour and reception when things took a[...]

This simple math riddle is stumping the internet — see if you can solve it

Wednesday  13:36,   21 february 2018

There's another viral math question confusing the internet. Do you have what it takes to figure it out?User PeerieBresks shared the riddle on Mumsnet, a parenting website and forum, where it racked up nearly 500 comments with other users[...]

Woman Impersonated Cop to Get Chick-fil-A Discount

Wednesday  13:36,   21 february 2018
The Daily Meal

Have you ever been this desperate for a deal?  ever returning to that Chick-fil-A location. You may not be able to get a discount on these meals, but you’ll be making a healthy choice if you order any of America’s healthiest fast-food[...]

Tasmanian tiger just another marsupial in the pouch

Wednesday  11:15,   21 february 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Australia's ill-fated Tasmanian tiger looked like any other marsupial when born but assumed dog-like features by the time it left the mother's pouch, scientists said Wednesday in shedding new light on its puzzling[...]

Bobsledders, snowboarders rule Tinder at Pyeongchang

Wednesday  09:50,   21 february 2018

Tinder, the dating app owned by Match Group Inc, has seen major spikes in usage at the Olympics since it caught on during the last Winter Games in Sochi in 2014. On Tinder, a swipe right signals interest in a prospective partner, as opposed to a[...]

Volkswagen's new concept car features a ‘digital chauffeur' instead of a steering wheel

Wednesday  06:50,   21 february 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Volkswagen is going full steam ahead with its electric vehicle campaign, preparing to unveil the fourth addition to its I.D. family at the Geneva Motor Show. For most of us, the future of driving means environmentally friendly cars,[...]

Much-loved dog reunited with family exactly one year after she went missing

Tuesday  17:36,   20 february 2018

<p>A family in Dublin has been reunited with their pet dog who was missing for a year.</p>The reunion came a year to the day that Elsa the German Shepherd went[...]

Couple Throws Quinceanera For Their Beloved German Shepherd: 'She was So Happy'

Tuesday  12:56,   20 february 2018
Inside Edition

The pup even hit the dance floor.Jackie Garcia and her husband don’t have kids and bring their two dogs[...]

George Washington’s Incredible Hair Routine

Tuesday  12:55,   20 february 2018
Mental Floss

While the hair itself was all real, the color was not. Washington’s true hue was a reddish brown color, which he powdered in a fashion that’s truly delightful to imagine. George would (likely) don a powdering robe, dip a puff made of silk strips[...]

Police officer accused of taking the biscuits

Tuesday  11:20,   20 february 2018
Sky News

<p>A police officer has appeared at a disciplinary hearing after he was accused of taking a colleague's tin of biscuits and lying about it.</p>PC Thomas Hooper, a Metropolitan Police Constable attached to the Kingston unit, is said to have [...]

Munich Airport hires humanoid robot to help flyers

Tuesday  11:20,   20 february 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Over the next few weeks, flyers traveling through Munich Airport will be greeted by a humanoid robot named Josie Pepper, who will be able to field questions about flight operations, and the nearest restaurant or loo.&nbsp;&nbsp;At the[...]

Everyone is going crazy for this adorable, interactive Chewbacca doll

Monday  17:21,   19 february 2018

Hasbro showed off a 16-inch version of "Star Wars" fans' favorite Wookiee at New York Toy Fair that will be available this fall.-The 16-inch Wookie roars, laughs, and can be rocked to[...]

Fitness goals: Viral video of this 93-year-old woman's laughter-filled workout session is sure to inspire you

Monday  17:20,   19 february 2018
International Business Times

The elderly lady not only performed every exercise her trainer told her to, but couldn't stop laughing at herself throughout the whole video.It also breaks the typical stereotypes about grandmas just sitting around and trying to feed us to the[...]

A cinema played Fifty Shades of Grey instead of Black Panther and it went viral

Monday  13:25,   19 february 2018

Going to the cinema is usually a special occasion, but when a culturally significant film like Black Panther is playing its likely to be a moment you'll remember forever.Just in case you weren't aware Black Panther is the latest Marvel film,[...]

Husband's 'Cheap' Valentine's Day Gift, $10 Scratch-Off Ticket, Turns into $100,000 Win

Monday  06:25,   19 february 2018
Inside Edition

<p>Don Holmes decided to buy his beloved wife a Casino Riches $10 scratch-off ticket for the romantic holiday earlier this week.</p>Don Holmes decided to buy his beloved wife a Casino Riches $10 scratch-off ticket for the romantic holiday[...]