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Man Who Ate Chipotle for 500 Days Is Finally Ready to Move On

Monday  22:10,   19 march 2018
The Daily Meal

An Ohio man named Bruce Wayne is a superhero of eating at Chipotle. In 2016 he set himself to the task of eating Chipotle every single day. This week he ate at Chipotle for the 500th day in a row, which is nearly a year and a half straight. Now[...]

This cat went missing for five years - and was found living nearby with neighbours

Monday  22:10,   19 march 2018

Are you comfortable? Settle in because you’re about to go on an emotional ride. Have tissues at the ready.Have tissues at the[...]

Toddler Has Adorable White Streak in His Hair, Just Like the 'Bride of Frankenstein'

Monday  22:10,   19 march 2018
Inside Edition

He was born with the genetic trait, which he shares with 40 family members.Josiah Barnes, 2, of Atlanta, Ga., has a light patch in the middle of his jet black afro, and his mom said it's always turning[...]

Man caught with Homer Simpson licence in Milton Keynes

Monday  22:09,   19 march 2018
Sky News

Perhaps the driver thought he would never be stopped. Or that traffic officers do not watch The Simpsons. Or that Homer Simpson really does live in Milton Keynes. Whichever way, it was not the best choice of fake picture. Not if you want to evade[...]

UK Archaeologists Have Found One of the World’s Oldest 'Crayons'

Monday  22:09,   19 march 2018
Mental Floss

The red ochre pigment might have been used for art or to color animal skins.Measuring less than an inch long, the piece of pigment is sharpened at one end, and its shape indicates that it was modified by a person and used extensively as a tool, not[...]

'Mad Nailer' deliberately scattering roofing nails on a portion of Florida's US 1

Monday  22:02,   19 march 2018
FOX News

Officials in a central Florida town say they trying to nail a “Mad Nailer” who is deliberately scattering roofing nails along the portion of U.S. 1 that goes through their community. Bill Lindlau says the nails are being left in the roadway[...]

Stolen Baby Jesus Statue Returned to Church After Nearly 90 Years

Monday  22:01,   19 march 2018
Inside Edition

<p>A suspicious package that ended up on the doorstep of a New Jersey church this week turned out to be an unexpected blessing, just in time for Easter.</p>And when police arrived to ensure everyone at Our Lady of Grace in Hoboken was safe,[...]

Canada prof's 4th-century beer a classic

Monday  22:01,   19 march 2018

A professor in Canada has teamed up with a brewing company to recreate a fourth-century beer to learn how it was made in the ancient world. The result was "too sour for me," said Matt Gibbs, a University of Winnipeg classics professor and expert on[...]

Airplane Accidentally Spills Gold All Over the Runway

Monday  21:50,   19 march 2018

The world has seen beer spills, pizza dough spills, syrup-coated highways, entire sandwiches, ham-related traffic jams, and even a truck full of eels accidentally dumped on to an Oregon highway, but a recent runway accident may have caused the most[...]

This man submitted a rap video instead of a covering letter and it actually worked

Friday  07:00,   16 march 2018

How do you stand out with your cover letter? Countless articles and YouTube videos are dedicated to advising the job seeker on how to make their letter really pop for employers. One man decided to do away with the traditional ‘cover letter’ format[...]

Daredevil Dog Takes Death-Defying Plunge Off 400-Foot Cliff With Owner

Thursday  16:54,   15 march 2018
Inside Edition

Paco the dog and his owner, Chase Reinford, are the very best of friends who do everything together.Paco, believed to be a Chihuahua mix, loves his high-octane adventures with owner, Chase Reinford, 24, like biking, sailing, driving and BASE[...]

Dead Rat Found Inside Red Bull Can

Thursday  14:08,   15 march 2018
International Business Times

A video shared on social media shows the can being cut in half with a pair of scissors to reveal what appears to be a dead mouse in it. According to Josh Henley, he bought the energy drink can from a gas station Sunday night. The man said he drinks[...]

The Optical Illusion That Makes Static Lines Look Like They're Pulsing

Thursday  14:08,   15 march 2018
Mental Floss

Which half of the line is longer, the blue or the red part?If you look at the pulsating image below, you likely see the colored lines changing in length. But in reality, the lines never change—only the direction of the arrows do. Based on the[...]

Thanks to Winter Storms, a New Jersey Beach’s Famous ‘Ghost Tracks’ Have Reappeared

Thursday  08:55,   15 march 2018
Mental Floss

Strong storms and shifting sands brought a rare chance to see the deteriorating railroad.The so-called “ghost tracks” in the sand between Sunset Beach and Higbee Beach in southern New Jersey were originally used to carry sand and munitions in the[...]

The Internet Is Going Wild Over This Dog With a Seemingly Human Face

Thursday  07:15,   15 march 2018
Inside Edition

Yogi the dog has drawn comparisons to Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire and even Nicolas Cage.Yogi, a Shih Tzu and poodle mix, has the normal dog features of fluffy fur and bushy ears, but upon closer inspection, his eyes and jaw make him look like he[...]