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People are going crazy over Duchess Kate's 'weird' hands

Thursday  17:35,   08 march 2018

Duchess Kate is known for making headlines for her chic and frequently affordable style, sweet philanthropic moments and inspirational parenting advice, but now she's making news in the lifestyle world for a very different reason: Her[...]

British Designer Recycles Used Chewing Gum Into Everyday Items—Including the Soles of Shoes

Thursday  13:50,   08 march 2018
Mental Floss

She's taking suggestions for what to design next.Bullus started her gum recycling project by installing bright pink bins called Gumdrops around sites in the UK. The containers, which are made from recycled gum themselves, come with signs telling [...]

Is This the Tallest Teen in the World? 16-Year-Old Stands at 7 Feet, 4 Inches

Thursday  13:50,   08 march 2018
Inside Edition

"I am constantly shopping to keep the fridge stocked," his mom said.At 16 years old, Brandon Marshall of Suffolk may be the tallest teen in the[...]

New Mom Discovered She Was Pregnant 30 Minutes Before Giving Birth

Thursday  13:46,   08 march 2018
Inside Edition

“I felt fine, I never started showing, everything was normal,” said 23-year-old Ally Opfer.“I always loved babies and knew I wanted to be a mom one day,” new mom Ally Opfer told “Not necessarily right[...]

This Beer-Drinking Flood Hero Is the Crazy Weather Meme We Need

Thursday  07:35,   08 march 2018

What’s a man to do when the streets are flooded? Apparently, head outside — with beer in[...]

These swimming pools cater to an exclusive pack: Dogs only

Wednesday  18:50,   07 march 2018
The Washington Post

Does your older dog need exercise? Does your puppy need to burn off energy? There's a pool for that.An unusual aquatic center inside a suburban Maryland strip mall has five narrow pools and several swimmers of varying abilities, but[...]

Watch This Australian Man Go Swimming In A Huge Pit Of Beer Cans

Wednesday  13:55,   07 march 2018

There are two things you need to know about Australians, from an Australian. One, we’re an enterprising and ingenious people, and two, we love a drink. One Aussie man has perfectly exemplified those characteristics by wading through an impressive[...]

Michelle Obama dances with 2-year-old fan who went viral for admiring portrait

Wednesday  09:06,   07 march 2018
ABC News

Parker Curry meets and dances with her idol, Michelle Obama, after a photograph of the two-year-old admiring the former first lady's portrait went viral.Parker Curry was photographed in awe at Ms Obama's portrait at the National Portrait Gallery [...]

This child's reaction to trying pizza for the first time is now a viral meme

Wednesday  07:21,   07 march 2018
International Business Times

A podcast host created the internet's next favourite meme after he posted a picture of his daughter on Twitter. JJody Avirgan from FiveThirtyEight and 30for30, captioned his image of a toddler with her eyes closed and both arms raised with: "my[...]

Man declared dead 'wakes up' after spending night in morgue

Tuesday  18:16,   06 march 2018

A man who 'died' in a car crash in India reportedly woke up just moments before his autopsy. The autopsy was just about to begin on Himanshu Bharadwaj, who had been pronounced dead by doctors, before a pathologist detected a pulse. Bharadwaj [...]

Farmers Warming Up Freezing Lambs By Putting Them in Ovens

Tuesday  14:05,   06 march 2018
Inside Edition

Snow storms in Britain are forcing livestock indoors.There is no mint sauce[...]

Big Cheese Festival runs out of cheese

Tuesday  14:05,   06 march 2018
Sky News

Ticket holders are demanding a refund after a Brighton cheese festival ran out of its main ingredient. The Big Cheese Festival, held on Saturday, fell at the final curdle with organisers blaming "adverse weather conditions" for the shortage.Ticket[...]

Oldest-known message in a bottle found on WA beach 132 years after being tossed overboard

Tuesday  09:41,   06 march 2018
ABC News

<p>A Perth family has made an extraordinary historical discovery after becoming bogged on a West Australian beach.</p>Tonya Illman was walking across sand dunes just north of Wedge Island, 180 kilometres north of Perth, when she noticed[...]

'Hotter than Emily Ratajkowski': This sassy dog is now an internet celebrity

Monday  18:15,   05 march 2018
International Business Times

A video of a Shih Tzu flicking his head back has gone viral with people calling it the sassiest thing they have ever seen.&nbsp;The six-second clip on Twitter features a white dog named Alfie lying on the floor before suddenly turning round with [...]

Scientists discover secret 'supercolony' of penguins in Antarctica

Monday  17:51,   05 march 2018
The Week

Scientists had previously feared that the Adélie penguins' numbers had been in decline because of climate changeNumbering more than 1.5 million birds, they were first noticed “when great patches of their poo, or guano, showed up in pictures[...]