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Sport Winners and losers from Winter Testing

16:12  13 march  2018
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Magnussen not intending to change aggressive driving style

  Magnussen not intending to change aggressive driving style Kevin Magnussen says he will not be changing his aggression on-track this season but is mindful of trying to avoid any form of penalty from the stewards. The former McLaren driver was heavily criticised by fellow drivers last year for his aggressive defensive tactics during races – following run-ins with Nico Hulkenberg in Hungary and Fernando Alonso in Malaysia. Magnussen, however, has no intentions to adjust his approach going forward, claiming he will drive “just as hard” but will aim to learn from past penalties. “I look at it like this, If I get a penalty, then I’ve made a mistake,” he told BT newspaper, as quoted by F1i. “But I only got one penalty last year so I need to learn from that. So this year, I’m going to try to drive just as hard without getting any penalties. “That doesn’t mean I’m going to be any more friendly on the track. I hope to be even harder – just without any penalty.” The Dane, who joined Haas from Renault in 2017, enters the final year of his current two-year contract with the American outfit but insists he has no desire to move elsewhere. “I’m happy to be here with Haas, and my starting point is that I want to stay,” he added. “Therefore, I do not have much stress. Of course it would always be nice to be notified as early as possible.

The Winter Olympics are wrapping up, and you know what that means: We’ve developed extremely strong passions for athletes we’d never heard of before and NBC had cut away from its coverage of the event rather than devoting coverage to randos, declaring Austrian Anna Veith the winner .

Date published: March 12 2018. Winter testing is in the books, now all eyes are on Australia. Comments. Editor's picks. Winners and losers from Winter Testing .

Winter testing is in the books, now all eyes are on Australia. But what shape are each team in as we start to raise the curtain on the 2018 season?



  Winners and losers from Winter Testing © Getty Images

Slicker than the oil they burn in qualifying, Mercedes are continuing to set the standard with quiet professionalism and expert efficiency.

The Silver Arrows were once again the only team to surpass the 1000-lap mark and, in the process, completed nearly 75% of the distance covered over the entire Formula 1 season.

Yet your eyes will have to skim all the way down to P8 to find Mercedes’ best time of winter testing - a 1:18.400 on ultrasofts by Lewis Hamilton. They were never once tempted to strap on the hypersofts and grab the headlines. Now is not the time for that.

Gasly: Toro Rosso going in the right direction

  Gasly: Toro Rosso going in the right direction Pierre Gasly believes Toro Rosso is “going in the right direction” as it continued to rack up milage on the first day of the second pre-season test. The Frenchman posted the fifth-fastest time at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, continuing to showcase new engine supplier Honda’s progress over the winter. However, his afternoon running was cut short after a brake system issue, limiting Gasly to complete just one lap to add to his morning tally. Despite the small setback, Gasly was encouraged by the cars performance. “I think it was a really positive day,” said Gasly. “With the fifth-fastest time it’s always nice to set a good laptime. “Of course it hasn’t been the easiest one. We had a small issue on the brake system so we didn’t run at all in the afternoon – which is a little bit annoying. “We didn’t test as much as we would have liked, but I think we are going in the right direction. In terms of set-up we are improving so we need to keep pushing for the next three days.” Asked how confident he felt about the teams performance heading to Melbourne, Gasly reckoned it was still too early to give an indication as to where the Faenza-based outfit lie compared to its rivals. “The good thing is that we are improving day by day,” he added. “This is definitely positive. I think it’s quite early to compare with the others, no-one [has] really shown their full potential. “We just try to focus on ourself, try to maximise the potential we have and I think we will find out in Melbourne who is the quickest.

Formula One: Winners and Losers From Barcelona Winter Testing Yahoo News As the gravel settles around the Circuit de Catalunya following Formula One's first testing session of the 2017 season, it becomes possible to make some tentative conclusions.

The 2018 Winter Olympics. Check out all of The Ringer’s coverage of the Pyeongchang Games. The United States’ third gold medal was won by Chloe Kim, also 17, who notably Name: Chris Mazdzer. Occupation: First US singles luge medal winner / the internet’s husband

Instead, the predominant focus was on laps, laps, laps. Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas split duties throughout each day and blasted the cobwebs away with intense race simulation programmes.

The reliability of the Mercedes is as strong as ever and it feels inevitable, ominous even, that the pace will follow very soon.

Red Bull

  Winners and losers from Winter Testing © Getty Images

There were a couple of little bumps in the road for Red Bull at winter testing, but they are heading into the season in a better place than this time last year.

A strong showing in the second week of testing meant Red Bull fell just short of their 100-lap daily target and there are no reported inconsistencies between wind tunnel and track, a problem which held them back in the early stages of the 2017 season.

Force India need "good step" to return to top of midfield

  Force India need Sergio Perez believes Force India has lost ground on its midfield rivals, but is confident the team can find improvements before the Australian Grand Prix. Force India opted to run an updated version of its 2017 car during preseason testing to allow the aerodynamics team more time to develop the package. The decision has left the squad on the backfoot and Perez believes the Melbourne update will need to be a “good step” to put the team back at the top of the midfield. “We definitely need a good step for the first race and hopefully that will come and we can be competitive from then onwards,”he said. “What we are experiencing these days is probably irrelevant because once we go to race weekends track temperatures are going to be quite different to what we’ve had so far. “Right now, it’s hard to judge where we are but certainly I don’t think we are leading the mid-pack at the moment, but I certainly always say it doesn’t matter where we start, it’s where you are in Abu Dhabi. “We will see in Melbourne where we are, once we bring our package, but I’m very hopeful of what we are going to have for Melbourne. “It’s too early to be disappointed or happy. We have to keep our heads down and working.” Force India has neither lit up the timing screens nor the lap charts. The team managed just 166 laps in the first preseason test, and Perez admitted he’d only completed part of his test programme, but he’s pleased with what has been achieved so far. “We managed to complete part of the programme and it’s been a very positive day in terms of what we’ve done, what we’ve learned and just gathering data it’s been positive today,” he said after the first day of the second test. Perez is scheduled for just one more day of testing before the start of the season.

That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t look back at the Winter Olympics one last time before immediately forgetting every name, sport, and rule we spent the past two weeks Here are the biggest winners and losers from the 2018 Games, and you won’t believe how much winning America did.

No team had a better week at baseball's winter meetings than the Atlanta Braves while no team struck out as badly as did the Los Angeles Dodgers. Here are the winners and losers from Nashville.

Launching what looks like a very impressive RB14 earlier than usual has given them a foundation to perhaps be in a position to attack straight from the off.

The question, as always, is whether the engine supplied by Renault will be capable of going toe-to-toe with the Mercedes and Ferrari power units, but everything under Red Bull’s control looks to be safe and sound heading into Australia.


  Winners and losers from Winter Testing © Getty Images

It seems Renault have made another step in the right direction as they look to become a major player in Formula 1 further down the line. Apart from a gearbox issue on the final day, the RS18 ran reliably and both Nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz are upbeat about the new car.

Whilst we know that the Renault power unit is the third quickest, the gap is also trying to be bridged by an increased focus on aerodynamics, with lots of new parts - including a completely new front wing - being trialled in the second week.

Alonso hopeful McLaren resolves reliability before Melbourne

  Alonso hopeful McLaren resolves reliability before Melbourne Fernando Alonso says he hopes McLaren will be able to overcome its latest reliability woes before the first race in Australia but assures the team has the issues “well under control”. The double world champion ground to a halt on the second day of the second test with what appeared to be an oil leak – the latest in a series of setbacks for the Woking outfit. Alonso completed 47 laps before the stoppage, setting McLaren’s fastest time of pre-season testing during the morning session. Asked his thoughts on the the team’s breakdowns across the six completed days of testing, Alonso said: “I think this is more or less normal in every new car. “Maybe you are new to this but I’m in [my] 18th winter testing and I keep discovering things ever since then. “It’s the same not only in winter testing, before the test was completely free so we were testing between races. So I remember from Monaco before Canada going to Paul Ricard, doing maybe a 20-lap day and there was no coverage. Now I understand there’s a 100-plus media so every red flag, something like that, attracts a lot of attention.” Although the Spaniard admits McLaren’s situation is not ideal, with just two days of testing remaining, he insists the British marque is working hard to resolve any concerns. “There is nothing fundamentally wrong in the car,” he added. “The issues we have, they are well under control.

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics have been captivating audiences across the world. This week has been filled with incredible wins, crazy upsets and stories of inspiration. Here are some of the top moments from the second week of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

If that sounds rather critical, I still had a lot of fun watching this episode, enough fun to name more winners and losers than usual. As such, here are eight winners and seven losers from "The Winds of Winter ."

It would come as no surprise to see the Enstone team in the fight for fourth spot this season.


  Winners and losers from Winter Testing © Getty Images

One unexpected headline from winter testing was the emergence of Haas as this year’s ‘dark horse’, with their times on the supersofts and ultrasofts catching the eye. Tyre corrected, the VF18 is just 0.5 seconds off the works Ferrari but, at this stage, that is nothing more than a positive projection.

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner put the encouraging numbers down to having a good understanding of how to get the tyres to work at the Circuit de Catalunya. It remains to be seen whether that will translate to the tracks all across the globe.

But one thing is for certain: everyone will be looking out for them to see what they are capable of from the get-go. Haas can quite often go under the radar because of their relative infancy and their lack of big-name sponsors; not this time.

Toro Rosso

  Winners and losers from Winter Testing © Getty Images

If Haas were a pleasant surprise, then a lie down was most definitely needed after witnessing the reliability of the Honda engine.

Ricciardo confident Red Bull is only a 'little bit' behind Mercedes

  Ricciardo confident Red Bull is only a 'little bit' behind Mercedes Daniel Ricciardo believes Red Bull is only a ‘little bit’ behind reigning champions Mercedes after a positive start to the second week of testing ahead of the 2018 Formula 1 season. Ricciardo topped the sixth day, setting a new track record and beating the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton by 0.353s, though Ricciardo set his lap on the hypersoft tyres, while Hamilton set his on the harder ultrasoft tyres. Mercedes is notorious for its qualifying engine modes, which left its Renault-powered rivals in the dust in Q3 sessions last year. “We are getting there,” Ricciardo said. “The Mercs still look pretty quick. I think there is a few tenths is in the tyre. And I guess their qualifying mode, when they decided to use it, will probably be a bit more than ours as well. “I think that they still have a bit more on the rest, but it is not too bad. We are looking pretty good.” While he identified Mercedes as the team to beat, Ricciardo is unsure of Ferrari’s pace. “I’m not really sure about Ferrari at the moment,” he added. “But we are in a decent place. We made some good changes to the car today, so I think we are better than we were 12 months ago, let’s say that much. “I feel the balance is similar to how it is last year, but I feel where our car was good last year I feel we’ve made that even better, so our strengths have become stronger. The last sector, traction, things like this, the car feels quite strong, so this is a good base for now. “We will still work on a few weaknesses but generally it does not feel too bad. Mercedes are still quick, if everything was equal right now they still have a little bit on the rest, but I don’t think it is too big. So it seems positive.” Max Verstappen is driving the RB14 on Thursday, meaning Ricciardo will drive it on Friday, his final time before the Australian Grand Prix.

Read on for the rest of Day 4's biggest winners and losers to get caught up on a full slate of cross-country skiing, curling, speedskating and more. The excitement of the Winter Olympics has turned sour for speedskater Kei Saito. He is the first athlete to test positive at the 2018 Games.

While the winter tyre tests last autumn were dominated by a handful of premium manufacturers, most notably Continental, during the current test season the products from many more tyre The table below offers a complete overview of the winners and losers from the 2017 summer tyre test season.

Sure, there were a few coughs and splutters along the way, but that was more than manageable compared to the destructive virus suffered at testing last year.

Honda used just one power unit throughout the entire second of testing and finished a very respectable third on the mileage charts, completing on average over 100 laps a day.

Doubts remain over whether the Honda engine will be anywhere near quick enough to compete for points, but both Toro Rosso and Honda are off to an excellent start of their relationship and could well end up being a match made in heaven.



  Winners and losers from Winter Testing © Getty Images

12 months ago, Ferrari verified their pre-season progression with a long overdue victory in Australia; but, this year, you will not find many in the paddock who feel lightning will strike twice.

Sebastian Vettel obliterated the unofficial track record at the Circuit de Catalunya and team-mate Kimi Raikkonen was only a tenth away from doing the same. Yet that headline time of a 1:17.182 on the hypersofts has been faintly written with a pencil and not with a bright red permanent marker.

There seems to be very little buzz and excitement surrounding Ferrari, even though they were only second to Mercedes in the mileage charts (929), and that lack of enthusiasm is rooted in the race simulation data which has them off the pace of their major rival...and Red Bull, too.

Hartley: Toro Rosso 'definitely' in the fight for points in Australia

  Hartley: Toro Rosso 'definitely' in the fight for points in Australia Brendon Hartley believes Toro Rosso’s ‘better than expected’ pre-season testing means the Italian outfit heads to Melbourne in contention for a points finish. Toro Rosso emerged as the surprise package in testing having switched to Honda power this year, with the Japanese supplier showing a vast improvement in reliability. Hartley completed over 150 laps on Friday as testing came to a close, adding to an impressive haul of milage for the Faenza-based squad. The Kiwi says there is a “positive vibe” in the camp after the team exceeded its own expectations, and while he predicts the midfield battle to be “tough” in 2018, Hartley is optimistic Toro Rosso can fight for the points-paying positions from the outset. “The initial brief from Toro Rosso was that Melbourne might be tough but actually after these test days we’ve exceeded our own expectations and we are definitely in the fight for those points,” Hartley said. “There’s a real positive vibe that we can keep improving this car during the season. First we have to score a point in Melbourne, that’s the goal. “Those last points are really hard fought for. Obviously there can be crashes and there can be reliability issues up front and sometimes and sometimes those fifth to 10th places become available or even higher. “Toro Rosso got a fourth place last year and we know that we have won a race in fact so you have to be opportunistic and you have to take those points when you can. That’s why that midfield battle is so tough. “There’s definitely those three teams that are going to be fighting for the championship but the midfield battle for those last four points scoring places is a really tough one. But we think we are in the fight.

Other well-known names, including Goodyear Dunlop, Hankook, Michelin, Nokian and Pirelli, all came away with top ratings in some tests . Open the table below for an overview of this winter season’s tyre test winners and losers .

While all of the banks involved in this year's stress tests appeared to pass at least theoretically, winners and losers will emerge in the race to return capital to shareholders. Bank stocks Friday moved lower

Add those concerns to the mysterious plumes of smoke that emanate from the garage every time the Ferrari engine is fired up, as well as the difficulty of taking another big step forward on the path to catching Mercedes, and what you are left with is a team that looks vulnerable.


  Winners and losers from Winter Testing © Getty Images

The little gremlins that blighted McLaren in the first week turned into big, menacing monsters by week two. Five on-track breakdowns in total, engine changes, hydraulic issues, oil leaks, overheating bodywork and a calamitous pit-stop practice made this another winter test to forget.

McLaren chiefs Eric Boullier and Zak Brown were insistent that the team are not in crisis mode and problems were expected given that they have adopted an aggressive design philosophy for this year.

But even the most passionate McLaren fans will struggle to believe that the plan all along was to miss hour upon hour of precious track time and finish bottom of the mileage charts again.

Fernando Alonso’s last-session dash on the hypersofts to put him P3 on the overall standings had a hint of desperation about it, papering over the cracks that are still there even after ditching Honda.

If it was not clear before, it has become abundantly apparent now that an unfair proportion of the blame went to the Japanese manufacturer.

Force India

  Winners and losers from Winter Testing © Getty Images

It is not a good sign when both of your drivers are hoping that the car they tested with does not show up in Melbourne.

The VJM11 clocked the most mileage outside of the top three in the second week but did not look particularly exciting out on track despite its vibrant pink livery.

Hulkenberg: Years experience 'a good advantage' for first race

  Hulkenberg: Years experience 'a good advantage' for first race Nico Hulkenberg says his previous years experience with Renault will prove “a good advantage” heading into the season-opening Australian Grand Prix. The German will contest in his second year with the Enstone outfit having switched from Force India in 2017, finishing his first season with a top 10 position in the drivers’ championship. Renault goes into 2018 in good shape compared to previous years, with the team enduring a competitive pre-season as it aims to consolidate its position as the fourth-fastest team on merit. Hulkenberg is yet to brush off the unwanted record of most races without a podium finish, nevertheless, the 30-year-old is eager to hit the track and drive the car in anger for the first time in Melbourne. “I’m ready to go and I can’t wait to get the season underway,” Hulkenberg said. “Australia is one of my favourite races because Melbourne is a great city, and the fans are always fantastic, knowledgeable, passionate for motorsport and know a lot about Formula 1. “I really enjoy Melbourne as it’s a comfortable and very relaxed atmosphere there. It’s a good way to kick-off the season as everyone is pumped and very excited to get into the car and race.” Having alternated driving duties with team-mate Carlos Sainz in testing, Hulkenberg believes, from his time spent behind the wheel, Renault has made clear gains from last year over the winter. Asked if he was heading to Melbourne confident of a strong result, Hulkenberg said: “I feel positive.

With so many storylines emerging in 2016, we run through the winners and losers of a tumultuous, tense and gripping season More will be expected next year after a proper winter of testing , and a new driver pairing of Jolyon Palmer and Nico Hulkenberg.

Curt Schilling, Tim Kurkjian and Jim Bowden break down their winners and losers of the MLB offseason. So that's where we come in -- with the 2015 edition of the Winter Meetings Winners and Losers .

It is solid and reliable, but will that be enough to hold on to fourth in the Constructor’s Championship this year given the expected rise in competitiveness from the rest of the midfield?

There is a suspicion that not much progress has been made with the car compared to what they finished last season with and there is still lingering uncertainty off the track, too.

The name change has not happened yet and the reports of a takeover are not going away as current owner Vijay Mallya continues to fight extradition back to India.

Sudden signs of life will need to appear in Australia.


  Winners and losers from Winter Testing © Getty Images

After eight uninspiring days of testing with arguably the most uninspiring driver line-up on the grid, Williams look primed to take the role of fallen giants completely away from McLaren and keep it all to themselves.

It ran reliably, but the FW41 finished bottom of the timesheets on six of the eight days of testing and had all the grace and elegance of Bambi on ice out on the track.

There are several reports of the car being very unresponsive through the corners and Williams’ chief technical officer, Paddy Lowe, has confirmed those witness statements by saying on record that the handling is the main “limitation”.

News also broke at testing that Williams’ long-term major sponsors Martini will be leaving them at the end of the season. Given the current state of affairs, they could be the first of many to jump ship.


  Winners and losers from Winter Testing © Getty Images

Let’s just say first of all that Sauber are in a much better position than they were last year. They have a new, current-spec Ferrari engine and that has made them a much more attractive team to be associated with - the vast array of new sponsors that have arrived in the off-season are testament to that.

But while progress has been made, it looks like that there is still a long way to go still before Sauber can think about climbing up from the bottom rung of the Formula 1 ladder.

The C37 suffered more offs than any other car in Barcelona and it does look an absolute devil to drive, especially through the corners where it is very twitchy.

There are a lot of new concepts that have been introduced to the new Sauber car and, on initial viewing, it is going to take a while for those to be fully understood.

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