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Motorola Razr is coming back and it's gunning for the Samsung Galaxy X

Friday  15:37,   18 may 2018

Motorola is working on a folding phone which could well carry the iconic Motorola Razr branding. If brought to market, this new handset would be in direct competition with the rumoured Samsung Galaxy X, folding iPhone and Huawei's foldable[...]

Chrome is killing its 'Secure' URL label in September

Friday  15:36,   18 may 2018

The Chrome browser's upcoming versions will focus on highlighting its negative security indicators, even going as far as sunsetting its positive ones. Chrome Security Product Manager Emily Schechter has announced that Chrome 69, which will be[...]

LocationSmart reportedly leaked phone location data onto the web

Friday  15:36,   18 may 2018

It's starting to feel like everyone in charge of our sensitive data might be incompetent. LocationSmart aggregates real-time data on the location of subscribers' mobile phones. It's all opt-in, but Krebs reported that anyone could[...]

Bixby 2.0 Will Launch With Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Friday  15:36,   18 may 2018

Samsung Research's head of AI said that Bixby will be upgraded with natural language process, improved noise resistance and quicker response times. The current version of Bixby is able to answer most queries easily, but the problem is that users [...]

Instagram officially launches re-sharing of posts to Stories

Friday  10:45,   18 may 2018

No, it's not a "regram" option. Sorry! But today, Instagram is officially launching a new feature that will allow users to re-share someone's Instagram post with their friends via Instagram Stories - something it confirmed was in[...]

To make Stories global, Facebook adds Archive and audio posts

Friday  10:45,   18 may 2018

Facebook's future rests on convincing the developing world to adopt Stories. But just because the slideshow format will soon surpass feed sharing doesn't mean people use them the same way everywhere. Today, Facebook will start[...]

Microsoft's New Xbox Controller Is For Players With Disabilities

Thursday  19:35,   17 may 2018

Microsoft has unveiled a brand-new Xbox controller specifically designed for players with disabilities. The Microsoft Adaptive Controller is packed with accessibility features including an enlarged D-Pad, two large reprogrammable buttons and a huge[...]

The Surprising Secrets of the Fastest Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy

Thursday  15:20,   17 may 2018

April 25 changed the trajectory of how we understand supernova—and our mysteriously expanding universe.Type 1a supernovae are important, despite their brief glimmer. Their existence, after all, was used by astronomers to prove that the universe[...]

Here’s the first Nokia phone with a notch, the X6

Thursday  15:20,   17 may 2018

HMD Global just announced a new Nokia-branded phone bound for China under the X-series moniker. Its most recognizable feature is a notched 5.8-inch FHD+ (2280 x 1080) display with 19:9 aspect ratio with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protective layer.[...]

YouTube makes it easier to figure out which song is in that video

Thursday  10:46,   17 may 2018

Clicking "Show more" under the video will give you info on where the music comes from.When you're watching a video with a song you love, click "Show more" beneath the video for the song's name, artist, writers, licensors and a link to the[...]

Oxygen presence in distant galaxy sheds light on early universe

Thursday  10:46,   17 may 2018

<p>After detecting a whiff of oxygen, astronomers have determined that stars in a faraway galaxy formed 250 million years after the Big Bang -- a rather short time in cosmic terms -- in a finding that sheds light on conditions in the early[...]

Microsoft unveils its clever new Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities

Thursday  10:46,   17 may 2018

Microsoft is trying to make gaming more accessible with its upcoming Xbox Adaptive Controller, which lets you plug in an array of peripherals that players with limited mobility can use more easily than a standard gamepad.&nbsp;The device – which [...]

Instagram will soon show you just how addicted you are to the app

Thursday  10:32,   17 may 2018

Instagram is planning a new feature that will show people how much time they spend on the app. The new feature was uncovered by computer scientist Jane Manchun Wong, and confirmed by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.More tech companies are trying[...]

Google is delaying a Chrome audio update that broke countless web games

Wednesday  15:30,   16 may 2018

Google is partially and temporarily rolling back a recent Chrome change that blocked autoplaying audio, after web developers complained that it had broken countless games and apps. The update rolled out with Chrome version 66 in early May, and it[...]

How Giant Dinosaurs Sat on Their Eggs Without Crushing Them

Wednesday  15:26,   16 may 2018

Fossil nests from oviraptorosaurs show the special strategy these birdlike dinosaurs used to keep their young safe.But a new study of dinosaur nests, along with a stunning, newly revealed fossil of a dinosaur that died tending its eggs, shows that[...]