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'Butcher of Bosnia' Mladic to learn his fate

Wednesday  12:10,   22 november 2017
Sky News

When a Belgian judge gives his verdict in The Hague this morning, he will be delivering the final judgment on a regime that brutalised a generation in central Europe. Ratko Mladic was the Butcher of Bosnia - the general who oversaw the four-year[...]

Eight rescued after US Navy aircraft crashes in Philippine Sea

Wednesday  12:10,   22 november 2017

Eight people have been rescued after a US military aircraft with 11 people aboard crashed into the Philippine Sea en route to an aircraft carrier, Japan said Wednesday. Japanese and American rescuers scrambled to reach the downed aircraft in seas[...]

Mugabe leaves legacy of economic ruin, upheaval in Zimbabwe

Wednesday  10:56,   22 november 2017
Associated Press

From widely acclaimed liberator of his nation to despotic dictator, Robert Mugabe's 37-year rule of Zimbabwe has been one of Africa's most controversial and influential. From widely acclaimed liberator of his nation to despotic[...]

Ancient Roman Shipwrecks Full of Treasure and a 'Royal Head of Crystal' Discovered in Egypt

Wednesday  10:50,   22 november 2017

Ancient Roman Shipwrecks Full of Treasure and a 'Royal Head of Crystal' Discovered in EgyptThe wrecks, filled with ancient artifacts, are Roman and date back when the empire spread over Europe and North[...]

Another German election risks boosting the far-right and ending Merkel’s career

Wednesday  09:40,   22 november 2017

Europe’s most prosperous country had a rude awakening on Monday when talks between the three parties trying form the next government fell apart.From being lauded as the “eternal” chancellor and leader of the free world, Merkel is now locked in a[...]

Jumbo sale: two 747 jets auctioned on Chinese online platform

Wednesday  08:50,   22 november 2017

The sky seems to be the limit for Chinese online shopping portal Taobao, which auctioned off two Boeing 747 jumbo jets on Tuesday for nearly $50 million. Chinese air cargo company SF Airlines bought the pair for over 320 million yuan ($48 million),[...]

Police identify four men killed in mid-air collision

Wednesday  06:50,   22 november 2017
Sky News

Four men killed in a mid-air crash between a helicopter and a light aircraft have been formally identified by police. Savaan Mundae, 18, Jaspal Bahra, 27, Thanh Nguyen, 32 and Michael Green, 74, died in the crash on 17 November over Waddesdon in[...]

Lebanon's Hariri returns to Beirut amid resignation saga

Wednesday  06:50,   22 november 2017
Associated Press

BEIRUT — Saad Hariri returned to Lebanon late Tuesday for the first time since he stunned his country by announcing from Saudi Arabia that he was quitting as prime minister more than two weeks ago.<strong></strong>BEIRUT — Saad Hariri returned [...]

This man is about to launch himself in his homemade rocket to prove the Earth is flat

Wednesday  04:37,   22 november 2017
The Washington Post

<p>Seeking to prove that a conspiracy of astronauts fabricated the shape of the Earth, a California man intends to launch himself 1,800 feet high on Saturday in a rocket he built from scrap metal.</p>Assuming the 500-mph, mile-long flight [...]

2 top North Korean military officers punished

Wednesday  04:36,   22 november 2017
Associated Press

South Korea's spy agency told lawmakers Monday that North Korea has punished two of its top military officers, including one widely seen as its second-most powerful official, during a highly unusual inspection of the military's powerful[...]

New Hole in Sun's Atmosphere Lets Particles Spew Out

Wednesday  04:35,   22 november 2017

A large, dark "hole" has opened up in the sun's atmosphere, allowing solar winds to rush out into space — an ordinary occurrence, but a spectacular one to see.NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this ultraviolet image of the[...]

Treasury targets North Korean, Chinese shipping companies with new sanctions

Wednesday  04:35,   22 november 2017
The Hill

The Treasury Department on Tuesday targeted more than a dozen Chinese and North Korean shipping companies with economic sanctions as part of its effort to exert more pressure on Pyongyang.&nbsp;(Provided by Fox[...]

Poll reveals generational split over economy

Wednesday  02:50,   22 november 2017
Sky News

A huge inter-generational divide has been revealed over whether Labour or the Conservatives would be best at running the economy. Despite both parties being neck-and-neck overall, a Sky Data poll found huge splits between young and old.Of 18 to[...]

Trump and Putin spoke on the phone for more than an hour today

Wednesday  00:05,   22 november 2017
The Boston Globe

President Donald Trump spent more than an hour speaking on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, according to the White House.  During the lengthy phone conversation, the two leaders spoke about a joint statement issued at [...]

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe resigns to allow 'smooth transfer of power'

Tuesday  22:36,   21 november 2017
Sky News

<p>Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe resigns to allow 'smooth transfer of power'.</p>Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has announced his resignation with immediate[...]